Our daughter was born in winter. When we asked her about going outsides with her the midwife told us: rather not, first wait a few weeks, it is way too cold out there for little babies! Since we had no experience of our own, we decided to wait for a while. But soon our desire to be outdoors together became overwhelming. So after four weeks we just did not ask again, grabbed our stroller and all the warm kids clothes we had and headed out. Of course we had already tried small walks through the city, which went all right. So we drove to the next small mountain (hill), parked the car at the beginning of a hiking trail, and cheerfully started our first hike with the stroller. Our daughter liked it very well inside, the steady shaking on the dirt road was obviously reassuring.

 Pram on a steep hiking trail

On trails, the use of a pram quickly becomes a treacherous problem

But then the trail began. And we learned. Above all, that such a stroller can be quite a big and heavy obstacle, even on easy footpaths. And that it really can get quite exhausting to push this thing uphill on a narrow path. But hat we not bought a special outdoor stroller (here a successor model)? Or did we rather let ourselves be dazzled by clever advertising? In the course of the almost 200 vertical meters we went uphill that day, we realized that this vehicle is incompatible with our idea of ​​hiking. It simply does not make any sense to move a 20-30 kilogram stroller up a mountain. And also the repeatedly mentioned advantage of strollers, that you can load a lot of luggage, becomes a disadvantage. You will have to push that up the mountain, too. Also the safety for driver and passenger is a problem. Many a harmless way becomes an adventure with a stroller. And a difficult balancing act, acute danger of falling included. So, our clear judgment: hiking and strollers do not fit together for us!

If you want to try it anyway, we at least have a tip for you: if the way becomes too difficult, turn the stroller around. Pulling backwards over difficult terrain often works better than pushing forward. And: pay attention to get wide tires, and not too much load.

Pram on dirt road in the sun Or you just consistently avoid everything that looks like a hiking trail. Anyway, we were happy that day when we finally arrived at the top. There was another fine aand tidy dirt road! Actually quite boring, but just welcome to us! The pushing went smooth again, the stress level slowly dropped to zero, we enjoyed the evening sun. And thought about what we could improve next time. Usually we love those little romantic pathways, and avoid boring gravel roads as much as possible. There had to be a more fitting alternative for us! Thoughtfully, we made our way down the hill to the car. On the dirt road!

Maybe there are more funny stories about prams in the mountains? We are always happy about comments! And how did our story go on? Luckily we soon found a more pragmatic transport solution for our baby. And by now, we also undertake real trekking-like children-long-distance-hiking!

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